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Services at Belfast City Vineyard

Seven ways to improve your existing Church Website

As the first point of contact for many potential visitors, is your church website open and inviting or is it a closed door, hard to find and overgrown with distractions?

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Whose Business are you Building?

In a time when so many small businesses are struggling, Andrew asks us to reconsider where our focus lies. Are we only seeking to keep ourselves afloat?

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Flexible Friends

On the back of much talk of “Responsive Web Design” Andrew looks at the underlying issue of whether we are capable of compromising standard fare to suit our clients’ needs.

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Introducing The Meadow

Some of the print work we’ve been working on for Quality Tailored Homes has begun to spring up around their new development.

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Green's Pizza

Providing Added Value

Andrew discusses the idea of delivering customers something unexpected and remarkable in addition to the standard fare, and the effects that might have on word of mouth marketing.

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Quality Tailored Homes on Facebook

Quality Tailored Homes gets connected on Facebook

Local property developer QTH has taken advantage of our Social Networking Packages and got themselves a custom designed business listing on Facebook, supported by a targeted ad campaign.

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Student Pulse

Student Pulse Launches with a Bang

Our friends at Student Pulse launched last week with a bang by offering daily prizes as part of their £15,000 giveaway.

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Google Analytics – A Website Owner’s Best Friend

Carol explores the world of In-Page Analytics and how it can help us measure the success of our website’s design.

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The Big Yellow Button

Online retailers such as Amazon have made the “Add to Cart” button famous, but what if you don’t trade online? Andrew helps you discover what your big yellow button is, and how to ensure customers can find it.

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Building Relationships

How do you meet the needs of a client if you don’t get to know them? Andrew explores the idea of building lasting relationships with clients and the mutual benefits it can bring.

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