Quality Tailored Homes gets connected on Facebook

Local property developer QTH has taken advantage of our Social Networking Packages and got themselves a custom designed business listing on Facebook, supported by a targeted ad campaign.

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Quality Tailored Homes on Facebook

Quality Tailored Homes now has a custom designed business profile page on Facebook

Social Networking for Businesses

With the rapid growth of social networking site Facebook since it’s inception, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the incredible marketing opportunities it offers. Quality Tailored Homes were keen to increase their brand awareness to a particular demographic, and Facebook allowed them to do that. We set them up with their own business page and targeted advertisements that appear only on the pages of people within their target market.

Right on Target

Facebook’s advertisement system is the fastest way to increase brand presence on the web. Unlike Google Adwords, Facebook allows you to target your ad to specific age ranges, male or female, within certain geographical locations, and can even distinguish people based on their marital status. As new homes are of particular interest to recently engaged couples, QTH were able to serve their ad specifically to people who fit that criteria.

Best of all, Facebook advertising is extremely low risk, as you only pay when somebody clicks through to your site, and the ad won’t be wasted on people who aren’t likely to be interested.

Quality Tailored Homes with new "Like" Button

New "Like" Button on QTH website

Like Me!

To support their brand presence on Facebook, we also added a “Like” button to the QTH website home page and each individual property page. The beauty of this little button is that every time somebody clicks on it, QTH is promoted on their Facebook wall, introducing the company to a whole group of potential new customers.

As long as you keep your website looking great and filled with useful information about your product or service, this interaction spreads like wildfire, as more and more people see your page and click “like”.

500 Million Users and Growing

If you want to join QTH on Facebook, and get yourselves a unique and customised presence on the world’s leading social networking site, give us a call on 028 9002 2361 and we’ll get you connected.

Written by Andrew Rossborough

Andrew heads up creative direction at SOLID, managing projects and taking a hands on approach to client consultations and design decisions. Follow Andrew on twitter.

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