Student Pulse Launches with a Bang

Our friends at Student Pulse launched last week with a bang by offering daily prizes as part of their £15,000 giveaway.

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The Launch

Student Pulse on Facebook

Winners are announced on Facebook

Using Facebook for it’s fantastic social coverage, Student Pulse began giving away £15,000 of prizes last Monday. Every day a new prize is on offer, with a link back to the Student Pulse website (designed by SOLID) for further information on how to enter. Winners are then announced back on their Facebook page.

Some lucky folk have already won restaurant vouchers, VIP cinema tickets, and a VIP package at the Beach Club worth £200.

About Student Pulse

Student Pulse is the leading portal for students living in Belfast, bringing absolutely everything you could want to know about student life all to one place. Find out where the best nightclubs are, which restaurants are near by, and look up special offers from cafes, shops and all the other student businesses in Belfast.

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Written by Andrew Rossborough

Andrew heads up creative direction at SOLID, managing projects and taking a hands on approach to client consultations and design decisions. Follow Andrew on twitter.

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